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For Technical Issues or Problems relating to the operation of this site, please look for answers on the HELP PAGE of the Self Mastery course. If you don't find your answer there then, send your questions to "ADMIN" (AT) this site.

Question on a Personal or Relationship Issue: If you have an issue that you are working through and would like advice, please know that due to time constraints and commitments, I am unable to respond to these personally. I'm also not inclined to give advice as to what someone else should do with their life choices. My experience is that generally such issues have layers of beliefs and emotional components which are not resolved with an email. My recommendation is that you do the Free Trial Sessions of the Self Mastery Course and determine for yourself if this material is helpful. IF it is, continue by purchasing the Basic Self Mastery series and continue the journey.

If you are taking the course and still wanting to talk with me you can set up a coaching session. If it is just one session you are planning on having then you do not need to send me all the background information.

If you do not want to do a coaching session but still have an issue you want addressed, you might find help in the Self Mastery Community Forums. These forums are only accessible with a paid course subscription.

If You Want to Say Thanks

Many people want to tell me how grateful they are for the course material and how it has helped them. If you want to do this, please do so by posting a favorable review on the iTunes Happiness and Self Awareness podcast. Or. write a review on Amazon or other places that you have purchased my book. I appreciate that, and it helps others find my material which helps them, and me also. You can also send your thanks to [email protected](this website)

Thank you


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