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January 2019

Hacking Your Core and Unconscious Beliefs
27th January 2019 to 1st February 2019

5:00 pm - 12:00 pm

In this workshop you will develop skills for identifying hidden core beliefs and practice multiple methods for changing them. If you’ve tried to change behaviors or emotional reactions you have likely failed or consistently struggled against resistance. Neuroscience has documented that your unconscious beliefs and impulses drive 90% of your behaviors and emotional reactions.

April 2019

Zion National Park Utah Retreat
21st April 2019 to 26th April 2019

Zion National Park in southern Utah is a place of powerful beauty. Through the clear reflection and beauty of nature we are inspired to drop our artificial constructs of beliefs, false self images, fears, and self importance. In this transformative weekend we combine ancients traditions of ceremony and mindful awareness practices in an environment of incredible beauty. You are invited to join in the process of clearing away the false beliefs and fears of your mind.

When: Starting 7pm Sunday April 21st and ending by noon on Friday April 26th.

Price: $600

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The Self Mastery Course: Practical Tools for Getting Rid of the Emotional Drama in Your Life
  • Stop Emotional Reactions
  • Change Core Beliefs
  • Quiet the Criticizing Voice in Your Head
  • Develop Communication and Respect in Your Relationships
  • Create Love and Happiness in Your Life
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