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You can Love and Accept Yourself Without First Being Perfect

Hello Gary, I’m David from Texas. I have gone through both the Basic and Phase II Self Mastery Courses.  I was amazed and impressed with your understanding and insight to how miserable a person can be when your thoughts are weighing you down in darkness, and how hard it is to express to yourself or […]


Self Mastery Testimonials from Course Subscribers Some feedback that I have gotten… just some. It would be too much to put it all here. Hi Gary, Hope all is well. I have finished the advanced series and have been reviewing older material since, really trying to integrate things that I missed or wasn’t fully aware […]

Forgiveness Self Mastery

A message from a subscriber about her experience doing the Self Mastery Series Exercises. Gary, I wanted to circle back with you on this newest installment of the Self Mastery program on forgiveness. I must say that it could not have been more timely. Over the weekend my preteen daughter was assaulted by another girl […]

Testimonials – Self Mastery Program Reviews

Some people share their experience of how they changed as the result of applying the exercises from Self Mastery program. These people were on a retreat with Gary van Warmerdam and took time to share how their life had changed. For some the results were not instant, but progress was consistent, and sustained. They continue to show up at events to explore just how far into happiness they could go.

Trapped in the Ego

Gary: I started the (Self Mastery) course a few months back. Today I sat down and envisioned myself in the last situation through which I had so much jealousy, anger, bitterness and resentment. I was telling my story, when I got to the end I could still see my virtual self at the end of […]

The Self Mastery Course: Practical Tools for Getting Rid of the Emotional Drama in Your Life
  • Stop Emotional Reactions
  • Change Core Beliefs
  • Quiet the Criticizing Voice in Your Head
  • Develop Communication and Respect in Your Relationships
  • Create Love and Happiness in Your Life
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