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Changing Self Image, Part 1…Point of View Meditation

Gary takes you through a meditation on how you can separate yourself from one perspective and see your self image differently. Are any of the perspectives more real than the other? Why not choose? It is a guided meditation on seeing and changing your self image.


Part two of this video series on Changing Self Image

Self Sabotage Disguised as Encouraging Words

“I should be practicing more than I am.” One of the most common sabotaging thoughts a person has is, “I should be doing more than I am.”  It can sound like a statement of fact, but it is really a judgmental self-critical thought. And a debilitating one at that.   The result is  an emotional shot […]

Where Do I Start On My Path

Dear Gary, My problem now is that I can not understand what is my way. What is correct and what is incorrect, what should I do and what I shouldn’t do. I really would like to change and feel that I need to be changed, but I cannot understand what is my starting point.  Confused […]

I’m Not Grateful for Anything

Dear Gary I listened to your first Self Mastery session on Gratitude and I don’t think it will help me.  In it you use the trigger question to remind our selves what we are grateful for by asking, “What are you most grateful for?”  The problem that I have with that question Gary is I […]

Near Enemy

Avoiding Your Near Enemy Any good tool, technique, practice, or philosophy, can help you out of suffering and into greater happiness and love. And when that tool, technique, practice, or philosophy is taken too far, it can become a dogmatic trap that creates unhappiness and suffering. That dual edged sword applies to the tools, techniques, […]

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