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What Is Worth Fighting For

  Recently a client asked me, “Are there some things worth fighting for?  It seems like all this work is about acceptance, and making peace, and being grateful.  Do you just kind of roll over and give into what is going on in life?  Is that what this work entails?” My reply was, “Yes.  There […]

Insecurity Depression

   Hi Gary, I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your incredible gift.  I am 51 and have spent years and $$$ on trying to find the answer to my “problems”.  I tried psychologists, counselors, pastors, self help programs, meditation classes, herbal remedies, and medications all to no avail.  NOTHING was lasting.  They […]

Near Enemy

  Avoiding Your Near Enemy Any good tool, technique, practice, or philosophy, can help you out of suffering and into greater happiness and love. And when that tool, technique, practice, or philosophy is taken too far, it can become a dogmatic trap that creates unhappiness and suffering. That dual edged sword applies to the tools, […]

Peeling Off Layers of the Onion

  Some say that this personal transformation work is like peeling layers of an onion.  That might be because it can cause you to cry a lot. Instead I liken it to cleaning.  Big cleaning, like a road or driveway after a flood. (Think of it as a Pathway if you want.)  First time through […]

Challenging Our Myths

  Common Sense, Myths, and Ghost Stores of the Spiritual Ego 15 years ago I was enamored with this personal development process.  I had discovered a whole new world.   I felt alive, happy, and excited about my new adventure.  There were fears and false beliefs that I had acquired over my life and I didn’t […]



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