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Point of View

We don’t have a single lens for viewing something, or someone.  We can even hear what people say and interpret differently depending on our point of view. Sometimes point of view changes by our emotional state and attitude. Sometimes those feelings and therefore perspective shifts just because of what we are doing and who we are with. One thing is clear, when you change the point of view with which you view something, your experience of it changes.


I spend much of the Self Mastery Course, and other workshop experiences working exercises to change point of view.  Because you have the idea that is hat you should do is not enough.  You need to implement changing your point of view through practical exercises.   For practical ways to change your point of view you can begin with the Free Trial Exercises of the Self Mastery Course.

Geometric Growth of Misery or Happiness

How does misery spread in the world?  For that matter, how does happiness spread in the world.  One of the most generous things you can do is to be happy within your self.  If you want the world to be a happier place, you will need to be part of that movement.  Many people ask, “how can you be happy with so much suffering in the world?”  My reply is to ask them if I should contribute to more of it.

Change Begins With Desire

Change begins with Desire

Without desire we take no action and we don’t move forward with change.  The Catch 22 is that much of our life our desire has been whittled away. We have been taught that wanting something for our self is selfish. We have been taught to think of and please others.  All through childhood there was a paradigm that what we wanted had to come in a container of first considering if mom, dad, teacher, god, or sibling would allow it. Then we allowed our self to feel the desire first.  By the time we are adults we have almost lost the ability to desire something for our self.

Self Sabotage

Hi Gary, My name is Patty and I just wanted to share with you something that happened in the past few days. You see, I am a senior veterinary student and I am preparing to take the national board examination this November, graduate next May, and then off into the real world I go. As […]

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